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Make better decisions

The tool for fast, correct and consistent automated decisions.

Key Benefits

Correct Decisions

ERIAN makes automated decisions, which are correct, fast and consistent. It uses advanced algorithms when searching for relevant associations based on an incomplete match.

Rules consist of a combination of mathematical models and expert experiences. Decisions are always justified and explained.


One of the fundamental parts of the ERIAN system is a very powerful Decision Engine, which is based on a technology developed by NASA, the CLIPS inference engine.

At present, ERIAN uses the RETE III algorithm. Performance and scalability comply with the highest requirements and are fully comparable to the most powerful tools available on the world market today.


Rules which determine how your organisation wants to make decisions are stored and maintained at one location and are not hard-coded in your individual applications.

The rule creation and management is done by business users. Therefore, your organisation may flexibly react to all changes that happen in your company or around you.



Thanks to the version auditing process you can always demonstrate what rule versions were used to access each particular case.

Manual Decision-Making Process Support

Detailed information is provided to the decider (risk management expert), who will make the final decision. This process is used in cases where human involvement is necessary.

Assessment Width and Depth Management

The level of the depth of the inspection may be set. This includes, for example, night or random detailed inspections and aggregated item calculation only for relevant cases, etc. Optimisation of calculations through detailed application of each rule.

Automated Testing of Rules

Testing and simulation using historical data including what-if analysis. The fact whether the rules behave as expected may be verified at any time.

Easy Integration

Smooth connection to internal and external data sources. The decision-making process based on existing client components such as Client’s Probability of Default, Loss Given Default, …

Quick Implementation

Because we are the creators of the ERIAN system our team of experts possess comprehensive knowledge and are able to quickly and correctly resolve any situation.

[Translate to English:] Erian uses rules to make decisions

With the increase in the number of electronically processed agenda and transactions of various types, the need to implement and improve an automatic decision-making process increases as well. To keep up with this development, KOMIX has created ERIAN, a Business Rules Management System (BRMS).


Our references

ERIAN is an original system of Business Rules Management System (BRMS) developed by KOMIX. The first historical implementation was by custom declaration and since that time was ERIAN implemented in many different areas. 

More references

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